Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas and a big Shout-Out

First and foremost, Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Happy (belated) Solstice, and Happy Sunday! I hope everyone enjoyed some great time with their family today! (biological, adopted, or homemade family)

I want to talk a minute about homemade family. This time last year, we were 23 days off the birth of our on, about 18 days off our T21 diagnosis, and on our fourth day adjusting to parenthood at home, outside the NICU. Needless to say, a proper celebration of Christmas was far from our minds. We managed to get a few ornaments thrown on the tree, and made it to church with Sam in Christmas pajamas. We had no family within 500 miles besides each other. Then our dear friends (about to become so much dearer) Michelle and Joe stepped in.

They brought us a fully prepared Christmas dinner of salad, lasagna (Michelle's grandparents were born in Italy so this was no mere baked pasta casserole) and peanut blossom cookies for dessert. They shared Christmas dinner with us and helped us all feel loved, and most of all, normal. At a time when nothing felt normal. I could never express how much I appreciate that act of kindness, at the same time so simple and so extreme.

I have decided that we will honor Michelle and Joe by having lasagna for Christmas dinner every year. And if we ever have the opportunity to return the favor, we certainly will.