Friday, April 6, 2012

A couple quick updates

The little guy's personality is really starting to shine.

He might be saying "all done" and "I did it!"

He calls me "Dada," especially when I try to get him to say "Mama."

He is signing " more."

He claps when asked, and has also done it when we say "Good job!"

He belly crawls quite well, pushes into a sitting position, and is doing better with actually sitting near what he wants to play with.

My favorite thing he does is a little trick I call "reverse hand over hand.". For those outside the OT world, "hand over hand" is just how it sounds. You use your hand to move the child's hand, to model the action. We do a lot of hand over hand, and He has really picked up on it.

He knows where the light switch is, but is not strong/coordinated enough to turn the light on/off. So he reaches out and touches it, then grabs my hand and uses it to flip the switch. He does the same playing his mini keyboard. Today he helped Daddy strum his guitar by employing this "RHOH" technique! Apparently Daddy doesn't do it right!

He also made up his very own game. It's sort of like peekaboo, but with an interesting twist. For about 6 months, he's been "playing peekaboo" where I cover my eyes with my hands, and then he pulls them down. I say "peekaboo!" and he laughs, while putting my hands back over my eyes. (He graduated to hiding his own eyes with a blanket a couple months ago.). The NEW game is even funnier: instead of covering my eyes, he covers my mouth! Nothing like your 16 month old essentially telling you to shut up. What will he have left to do when he's a teenager?!

We will have to wait and see on that one. For now, I am one proud "Dada...Er, Mama."