Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hello, October!!

So I lied...I'll start talking about the pregnancy journey tomorrow. There is just too much interesting stuff going on around here that I have to share!

Yesterday was my last day working at the hospital, a precursor to my last day of (paid) work for a while! I have finally decided to put my Sam first and stay home with him until he is a little older.

I am scared in many ways of this transition, but I am confident it is for the best. I mean, the hours stink, but look at my handsome boss:

By far the coolest boss I'll ever have...even though one of my current bosses did co-author an article in the medical literature about Star Trek. (I'll miss you, Peter!)

Something cool to share though, and DS related, is that as a going away present, my coworkers made a generous donation in Sam's name, matched by Cardinal Health, to our local Buddy Walk! I couldn't be more grateful for I told them all, they should not be celebrating my being a quitter. :-)

Well, until tomorrow! I'm off to make some French toast, celebrate the cool weather, and get ready for a pumpkin carving party later on tonight.

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  1. That has got to be the BEST boss ever to have. Not to mention he's cute. Who couldn't stare at that kind of eye candy all day long?

    Happy quitting.